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CANNY ELEVATOR CO.,LTD is a modernized and professional elevator manufacturer which integrates the design, development, manufacturing, sales, installation, and maintenance into a whole. The registered capital is RMB739,213,624. The products include elevators, escalators and auto-walks. Canny has the A-level qualification certificate, issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, for elevator manufacturing, installation, modernization and maintenance, Canny is recognized as "China elevator industry's hope and pride".

Canny Elevator regards the vitalization of the national brand as its own duty since its establishment in 1997 and after 17 years of development and independent innovation, Canny rapidly develops and grows in the intense competition. Data from China Industrial Information Issuing Center (CIIIC) shows that Canny products are the best seller among elevator products in Chinese market 2013. Since 2005, Canny has been awarded this honorable glory for 9 years in succession. On 12th Mar., 2010, Canny Elevator Co., Ltd. came into Shenzhen Stock Exchange A share market successfully.

In Jul., 2008, the second term project of escalator workshop, which covers the area of 45,000 square meters has been put into operation, the workshop is Asia's, even the world's largest escalator manufacturing workshop. Up till now, Canny owns a large-size elevator manufacture base which covers an area of over 250,000 square meters, the construction area of which is 118,000 square meters; it possesses a special-purpose test tower for elevators, which is as high as 92 meters. It has been reputed as  "No.1 Height" in the circle of the Chinese elevator. Canny Elevator constructs a full set of various modernized manufacturing installations such as NC laser cutter, multi-station NC punch press, NC bending machine, machining center etc, with the world's first-class level. It can independently research into, develop, design and produce the large-scale escalator systems with all sorts. It truly leads a new development in the lift technology. Canny co-work with science research academies and colleges by the meaning of  "production, study and research" to set up "China Construction Science Research Institute Building Machinery Research Branch Canny Lift R&D Center"; to set up "Nanjing Industrial University Lift Research Institute Canny Lift Testing Center"  with Elevator Research Center of Nanjing Industry University. In June 2009, Canny cooperated with Zhejiang University to set up a "Canny - Zhejiang University Fellowship workstation." Company owns "Enterprise Technology Center" and "Jiangsu Province Engineering Research Center." identified by Jiangsu Province. Currently, Canny is building the "National Enterprise Technology Center".

Canny's products cover more than 98% of the common elevators and escalators in the market, and now focus on the high level residential buildings, commercial office buildings, shopping malls, mass transit and other types of building. In Dec. 2009, Canny took Suzhou Rail Transit line 1 of 199 escalators, which is the first national brand who takes the all project of the domestic city rail transit; In Jun. 2009, Canny won the bid for Nanchang Changbei airport project of escalator and auto walk, which is the first national company who wins the bid for the airport project (province level airport); In Dec. 2008, Canny got the order of Guiyang Century Jinyuan Hotel project of 8 high speed group control elevators with 4m/s (travelling height is 150 meters); In Jun. 2009, Canny signed the contract with Shanghai Changfeng Real Estate Group for Shenyang "Dream of Dragon" commerce real estate project, which including 12 high speed elevators with 6m/s (travelling height is 240 meters). Through the implementation 4m/s and 6m/s high speed elevator projects and the high altitude escalator projects, Canny has greatly enhanced the company's technology, market and brand competition.

In 2002, Canny Elevator Co., Ltd. Was awarded "Top published list of Great Hall National Fine Display"; in 2003, it was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Famous Brand"; Canny was also in the top list issued by Famous Brand Product Strategy Promotion Committee in the same year; in 2003, Canny was authorized as "High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" and "Independent Import and Export Enterprise"; Canny was named as "Suzhou Science and Technology Top Ten Private Enterprises" and "AAA level Credit Enterprise"; in 2004, Canny got the European CE Certificate; in 2005, Canny awarded "China Famous Trademark"; in Jun. 2006, Canny is deemed to be the focus on high-tech enterprise of State Torch Program; in Aug. 2006, after the establishment of "Evaluation of the Provincial Science and Technology Brands", Canny was selected as one of top 500 China Science and Technology Brands by the top provincial-level science and technology brands; in Sep. 2007, Canny was named as "National Customer Satisfaction Product" by China Quality Association; in Nov. 2007, Canny was awarded top ten innovation and independent enterprise of national large/medium-sized industrial enterprise (lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing); Canny was awarded innovation and independent brand of Government Procurement Elevator in 2008,2009and 2010; in 2009, Canny was awarded "Top ten brands of China's elevator industry customer satisfaction".2010, canny elevator was awarded customer satisfying product and customer satisfying company.


Canny Elevator, an elevator expert who deems it his own responsibility to prosper the national brand, will continuously innovate and develop to become a integrated internationally competitive manufacturer and brand operator.