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CANNY Blue Leopard series high speed elevator is specially made for senior business areas,
Under the manufacturing philosophy of reliable design and exquisite craft,
Take intelligent, efficient, energy-saving, and safety as the core of technology upgrade,
Fully meet the requirements of high-efficient operation of senior business buildings, bring you fast and enjoyable riding experience.


Microcomputer intelligent management system, improve the operation efficiency
Superior intelligence and reliability, support parallel connection, group control, monitoring and residential card swiping management, analog
control to realize direct landing.

Precise position control system, to ensure safe and stable stop
It uses advanced sensors, can real-time signal feedback the moving status of motor rotor, and achieve precise positioning of car.

A new generation of frequency door machine system
It has high stability and excellent sensitivity, can realize gentle, smooth and safe elevator door opening and closing.

Safe operation system
Automatic Emergency Leveling : In case of power cut, automatic emergency leveling device will generate power and support the elevator to reach the nearest landing floor, open the door after leveling, let passengers get out the car. (Optional)
Fault Self-diagnosis : In case of elevator fault, it can automatically self-diagnose and display fault information immediately, convenient for maintenance personnel to check and repair timely.

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