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CANNY KLKS (New Swift), is a passenger elevator with a small machine room and its integrate the essence of modern technology via its forward-looking innovative ideas, to return the original design and reflect the people-oriented environmental design concept; it provides a perfect integration of the world's cutting-edge elevator technologies and has the superb space-saving characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, making it comfortable for passengers to ride. It is a masterpiece of the minimalism in modern life.


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine · Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
Compared with the traditional technology, it can save as much as 40% of energy. And there is no need for the gearless traction machine to replace the grease. Thus it has no pollution and ultralow noise in order to create a peaceful and relaxed riding space for you.

Integrated Control System · Extraordinary Functions
New generation smart vector-based integrated control system includes the distance control, direct stopping, closed-loop vector control, and CANBUS communication technology and other functions. Compared with conventional elevator control, it has a better performance and an easier maintenance.

Relaxation and Tension Alternatively · Flexibly and Safely
Compared to the frequency conversion door machine, new generation permanent magnet door machine has a bigger torque and it is more efficient and able to do a better job in running stability and sensitivity.
Responsive and intensive infrared light curtain barrier can respond to any person or object that enter into the detection flat surface so that it will have a higher safety performance and the users can get access to it more freely.

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